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Today I want to introduce you to another very popular electric toothbrush from Oral B. This is the Braun Oral-B Pulsonic Slim Sonic that is definitely worth a look if you are interested in buying your first electric toothbrush. It’s a well priced, mid range toothbrush that retains the common style of toothbrush head you find on disposable toothbrushes. Oral B is the world’s undisputed market leader when it comes to dental health products and this is another great example of the quality they put into their products. Let’s dive right in see what this toothbrush has to offer with features and feedback from reviewers.

Braun Oral-B Pulsonic Slim Sonic Key Features

  • Proven to effectively clean and remove surface stains naturally
  • Fully cordless with high performance and durable built in rechargeable battery
  • Innovative sleek and super slim design for best comfort and control
  • Two personalised setting models of Clean and Sensitive
  • Ensures effective brushing with an optimum 2 minute brushing timer
  • Comes complete with Oral B Pulsonic interchangeable brush head
  • Features a familiar manual styled brush head – ideal for making the transition from manual to electric

Braun Oral-B Pulsonic Slim Sonic Full Overview and Review Pulsonic Slim toothbrush

You will find that quite a lot of electric toothbrushes on the market can be noisy but this Oral-B Pulsonic Slim Sonic toothbrush is quiet in operation. The noise of an electric toothbrush is something that is often overlooked. For example, you may be someone who is up at 4am to get ready for work while everyone else in your home is still asleep. The last thing you want to do is wake everyone up with the sound of a noisy toothbrush. Braun has taken this problem into consideration so have designed the Pulsonic Slim toothbrush that makes it quiet and inconspicuous.

Another very common complaint I hear from people is that they find their electric toothbrush feels quite big and bulky. This is most common when people first switch from using a manual toothbrush too electric. Because the electric toothbrush is obviously bigger than they are used to so this can take a little time to get accustomed with. Again, Braun have designed this toothbrush around this problem by making the Pulsonic Slim Sonic more slim than most other electric toothbrushes and it’s also lighter in weight.

Dentists recommend that you should brush your teeth for a minimum of 2 minutes for effective plaque removal. This is not so easy to achieve with a manual toothbrush. You would need to use a stop watch or keep an eye on the time during brushing to ensure you make that recommended 2 minutes. This would be a real inconvenience and not something most people are happy to do. This Braun Pulsonic Slim Sonic electric toothbrush makes sure you hit that 2 minutes with it’s built in timer. The timer will count down from 2 minutes when you start brushing and will give an alert every 30 seconds so you know how long you have been brushing to achieve even cleaning across all your teeth. I love these timers and I would not buy an electric toothbrush without one.

The 2 customized brushing modes offer a normal/thorough clean setting and Sensitive for people who suffer with sensitive teeth and gum problems.

The brush heads are designed to follow the contours of your teeth for thorough cleaning while at the same time giving a gentle clean. The brush heads also feature “Precision Tip Brushes” and “Interspace® design” which ensure cleaning of between teeth and hard to reach places. Stains start to form in areas where normal brushing is not able to clean effectively but these features insure this problem is tackled head on.

Braun Oral-B Pulsonic Slim Sonic Customer feedback ratings and reviews

All the products that we review and feature on our website must pass a quality check list. One of the main points on our checklist is that the product must have high customer rating and a majority of positive reviews. This Braun Oral-B Pulsonic Slim Sonic passes this test will flying colours. At the time of writing this Braun Oral-B Pulsonic Slim Sonic toothbrush review had 4.5 out of a possible 5 star rating. Only 10 out 73 customers rated this electric toothbrush below 4 stars. Reviews and ratings on the product are extremely positive and in the hundreds.


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