We all have bacteria living within our mouths. Bacteria are continuously forming from the acidic, sugary food and drinks we consume every day. tooth anatomyPoor oral hygiene will allow the build-up of plaque to form on the surface of the teeth and gums.  The sugar and starch in our diet combined with the build-up of plaque creates an acid that weakens the enamel of our teeth.  Continual damage to the enamel will cause the tooth to decay.  Tooth decay is otherwise known as a cavity.  Cavities are formed by the breakdown of the tooth creating a blackened area or small hole that grows bigger and deeper over time.

The cause of cavities can be linked to our lifestyle, our eating habits and how we care for our teeth.   Cavities are formed when the mouth’s natural bacteria is merged with the sugars and starch from our food creating an acid that attacks the enamel of our teeth. Most common foods that increase the risk of cavities are fizzy drinks, chocolate, sugary sweets and
If this build- up of plaque and bacterial acids is not removed on a regular basis with the correct brushing technique then cavities are sure to appear.

Cavities or tooth decay will lead to a whole array of dental problems from toothache and bad breath to infections and disease of the gums.

Adopting a good brushing routing, using a fluoride mouthwash and paying attention to the foods we eat are the best ways in which to avoid getting cavities. Please read our page on How to Brush Your Teeth properly for more in depth advice on preventing cavities.