Did you know that February is Children’s Dental Health Month?

That’s right, February is Children’s Dental Health Month but we were late in posting about it because of some techy stuff with our website. Better late than never though and I hope with this post to raise some extra awareness about the great importance of maintaining good oral health in children.

I’m a proud dad of a 7 year old girl who now enjoys brushing her teeth, but it wasn’t always like this. As most parents know kids can be terrified of the dentist and most of the time can’t be bothered to brush their teeth properly. After all, there’s always something more fun to do.

As parents we need to do all we can to keep our children’s teeth in good condition. If we can help our children maintain healthy teeth free from excessive plague build up and cavities then visiting the dentist should no longer be a dreaded problem.

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Help keep our Children’s Teeth and Gums Healthy childrens toothbrush

My daughter started to enjoy brushing her teeth properly when I introduced some fun into brushing time. The first thing I did was buy her a colourful and fun kids electric toothbrush which she enjoys using. This kind of toothbrush is more effective, easier to use and much more appealing to children.

I also purchased a good quality mouthwash for kids called “Listerine Smart Rinse” which comes in a couple of tasty flavours. This mouthwash is alcohol free so doesn’t have that strong burning sensation you get with some adult mouthwashes. It’s a great addition to your child’s brushing routine as it strengthens teeth far more than brushing alone and provides greater protection against cavities. But most importantly to kids, it looks cool and tastes nice.

Finally, educate your children about dental health through fun games. I found a fantastic website called “MouthPower” that is both educational on dental health and a super fun activity for children. The games on this website are highly supported by the California Dental Association Foundation and UnitedHealthcare Dental. My daughter has become a bit of a pro with these games now and is also a big fan of the interesting Dental museum website.

If you have an iPad you can find some really good children’s Dental Apps such as “KidsDental” by Orca Health.

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