Oral B Pro Expert Toothpaste – What’s all the fuss about?

When it comes to oral health care and teeth cleaning products, Oral B is a world leading brand. They are the makers of the world’s best electric toothbrush, the Oral B Triumph and many other great award winning products.

In 2011 Oral B introduced their new Pro Expert Toothpaste to the consumer market, with the claim that this is the best toothpaste in the world. Recently, I have seen this Oral B toothpaste get some fresh attention in shops such as Asda and Boots. At over £3 for a standard sized tube I’ve decided to do some investigation on this toothpaste to see what all the fuss is about and to find out if it does in fact live up to the manufactures claim.

Oral B Pro-Expert toothpaste box

What’s so special about Oral B Pro Expert Toothpaste?

If you take a look at the range of toothpastes on the market today you will find that many are targeted to a specific task. There are toothpastes for improved whitening, some for cavity protection, others for sensitive teeth and better plaque removal.

Oral B’s new Pro Expert Toothpaste is an all in one toothpaste solution co-created by Dr Robert Gerlach who is a Global Dental Research Professor. The toothpaste was 15 years in the making with over 70 clinical and scientific studies performed on the product until it was finally ready to be launched.

Oral B Pro Expert is no ordinary toothpaste because it contains 2 super innovative ingredients – polyphosphate formula and a stannous fluoride complex. Without getting too technical, these combined ingredients are what makes this toothpaste so special and gives it the ability to cover the following 8 benefits.

  1. Protection against cavities
  2. Healthy gums
  3. Reduced plaque
  4. Reduced Sensitivity
  5. Enamel protection
  6. Avoid tartar formation
  7. Increase teeth whitening
  8. Fresh breath

Key Points of Oral B Pro Expert Toothpaste

  • The only toothpaste to use combined polyphosphate and stannous fluoride complex
  • 15 years to research and develop
  • Over 70 scientific studies conducted
  • This toothpaste has 30 patents
  • Claimed to be the biggest breakthrough in oral health care since fluoride
  • Reduced stains by up to 95% in two weeks
  • Up to 71% fresher breath in 3 weeks compared to regular toothpaste
  • Reduced tartar build up by up to 56%
  • Over 3 months up to 54% less plague on teeth compared to other popular toothpaste brands

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