Dentists recommend that we change our toothbrush every 3 months to maintain best cleaning performance. Even the best electric toothbrush EB25-4 Floss Action 4 packmodels such as the Oral B triumph 5000 brush should have their brush heads replaced every 3 months.  The most common and our top recommended replacement Oral B toothbrush heads are the EB25-4 Floss Action brushes which come in a pack of 4.

Because you only need to replace the heads once every 3 months, a pack of 4 brush heads will last you a full year. The EB25-4 Floss Action 4 pack only costs around £15 which is a very small expense over one year.

There are a number of different types of brush heads available to fit the Oral B electric toothbrush range but we feel that the EB25-4 Floss Action brushes are versatile enough to suit every day general use. The great thing about the interchangeable Oral B heads is that they fit ALL Oral B oscillating electric toothbrush models (excluding Sonic /Pulsonic)

These Oral B brush heads have micro-pulse, “Floss Action” bristles which help clean between teeth and have a very high customer rating. Replacing brush heads with quality brushes that fit your needs is important.


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You may however need brush heads to fit specific personal requirements such as sensitive teeth or deep cleaning for stain removal. To ensure these requirements are met, Oral B has a verity of brush heads available that are tailored to perform best for different needs.

Other Oral B Toothbrush head models include:

EB20-8 Precision Clean

These brush heads have 30% more cleaning bristles compared to previous models. They are designed to better surround each tooth during brushing for better coverage and overall cleaning.

EB18-4 3D White

These 3D white heads are designed to provide natural surface stain removal with a rubber polishing cup which has been inspired by dentist.

EB17-4 Sensitive Clean

Some people suffer quite badly from sensitive teeth and gums. These Sensitive Clean heads are designed with softer bristles making them the ideal choice for people with such sensitivity problems. Also good for people who have had dental implants or surgery and require a gentle, pain free clean.

IP17-2 Interspace

These brush heads are designed specifically for people who ware bridges, have crowns or implants.

EB417-4 Dual Clean

These Dual clean heads are designed with a larger shaped head for double cleaning action.

EB18-2 ProBright

The ProBright heads have a rubber polishing cup much the same as found in the 3D White heads. This cut ensures maximum use of toothpaste to give great polishing action.