Oral B Electric Toothbrush vs Philips Sonicare Range

When you come to the decision that you want to invest in an electric toothbrush you are faced with not only a wide selection of products to choose from, but a lot of the makes and models seem very evenly matched in terms of function, features and quality. While searching through the wide selection of toothbrushes ether in the high street shops or online, there’s no doubt that you will find two big name brands that keep popping up – Oral B and Philips

The problem with this is that you will no doubt be familiar with both these brands and are aware that they are at the top of their game with their range of electrical products. You may even own a product manufactured by one of these brands already. As you have already probably gathered, Oral B and Philips are the market leads in the electric toothbrush industry. Now this poses a problem for the average person because there’s no obvious way of identifying which of these two brands manufacture the best electric toothbrush, which makes your purchasing decision difficult.

Both brands have an attractive and successful line of electric toothbrushes. Philips have a popular range of electric toothbrushes such as their Sonicare and Flexcare models. Similarly, Oral B have a popular range with models such as their Professional care and Premium Triumph models.

Electric toothbrushes are much more expensive compared to a regular disposable toothbrush. So you want to make sure that you are getting the best possible product for your money, whatever your budget.

Oral B vs Philips

So what Separates Oral B from Philips and Which is the Best?

Oral B and Philips are close competitors who have been battling it out for recognition as the best electric toothbrush brand. In the Oral B corner they have their top of the range Triumph models, and in the Philips corner they have their Sonicare range.

After doing a lot of research on both these models I conclude that Oral B’s Triumph range is the better of the two and declared the overall winner. Both of these brands have hundreds of positive customer feedback reviews and have very evenly match high ratings. Both of these brands top models, the Sonicare and Triumph each have an equal 4.5 out of a possible 5 star rating. Choosing a winner out of these two great products was not easy. Both the Oral B Triumph and Sonicare electric toothbrushes are exceptional products with advanced cleaning technology and they’re both the cream of the crop in the electric toothbrush market.

Why is the Oral B Triumph the Best Choice?

There are three main points that I have identified that make the Oral B Triumph slightly better than the Philips Sonicare toothbrush.

1) The Oral B Triumph is the only electric toothbrush to be approved and awarded the highest platinum award by the British dental health foundation. The BDHF also gave the other models in the Oral B range Gold and Silver awards. Unfortunately, no such awards have been given to the Philips Sonicare range.

2) In 2011 the Oral B Triumph and Philips Sonicare electric toothbrushes were put head to head in a competition by the Gadget show to find the top 5 best electric toothbrushes. Liz, the presenter of the Gadget Show was accompanied by a dentist professional to assist in the independent testing. 20 toothbrushes were selected for the test which covered the precision of each product, features, and most importantly which was the best at removing plaque. The Oral B Triumph beat the Philips Sonicare toothbrush to take the crown as the overall winner.

3) The Oral B range primarily use an oscillating toothbrush head design, where as the Philips range use more of the traditional shape you find in regular disposable toothbrushes. Evidence shows through several studies that the oscillating brush type is far better at removing plaque.

As previously mention, one of the main features that separate the Oral B electric toothbrush from the Philips models is the brush heads. Electric toothbrushes that use an oscillating head such as Oral B are more effective at removing plaque. Something that is also often overlooked is that this type of electric toothbrush is beneficial to people who have limited movement, such as disabled people or the elderly who find thorough cleaning with other types of brushes difficult.

The Oral B Triumph 5000 electric toothbrush also has a built in pressure sensor which alerts you if you are applying to much pressure during brushing. This is a great feature as using too much pressure when brushing can actual damage your teeth. Again, this is a feature only found on the Oral B Triumph model and not in the Philips Sonicare. The Oral B also has the “Smart Guide” that provide such information as Quadrant Prompting, Brushing Timer, Visual Pressure Alert and Replace Brush Head Indicator. Again, this is a feature that the Philips Sonicare can’t match.

However, there are a couple of nice features I found in the Philips Sonicare range which are not seen in the Oral B models. The Philips Sonicare HX6952/71 FlexCare electric toothbrush comes with a unique UV Sanitizer which thoroughly cleans the brush heads after each use. It uses the same UV cleaning technology that is used in hospitals. I also found that the Philips Sonicare toothbrushes are available in a 2 pack at a lower price than it would cost to buy the toothbrushes separately.

The Conclusion

When it comes to price, Oral B and Philips electric toothbrushes are quite evenly matched with both there lower priced toothbrushes and their top end models. I would say however, that Oral B currently have better promotional discount prices across their range, although this could change at any time.

In light of the three main points about the Oral B triumph range mentioned above, the Oral B electric toothbrush is the overall winner, only marginally though. The Philips Sonicare produces great results and has some great features too. But the Oral B triumph has more and after the head to head test conducted by the Gadget show, the Oral B Triumph is undeniably the better toothbrush for the money.

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