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Everyone knows about brushing your teeth to keep them healthy. Most also know how important using dental floss is. However, something that can be overlooked at times is using mouthwash on a consistent basis.

If you think about it, adding mouthwash to your daily routine is one of the most positive habits one can begin doing. It helps cleanse your entire mouth, not to mention prevent cavities and periodontal diseases. It also helps to break down plaque and bacteria you might not have caught with your brush. This is essential if you want to keep your teeth as clean as possible.

Along with all those benefits, a great mouthwash will keep your breath fresh, so you are not constantly worried about how you smell during thetotalcare-fresh-mint day if you happen to breathe on someone. All the germs that can cause additional problems inside your mouth can be eliminated in no time as well. Yes, you have to also brush along with mouthwash, but using both techniques works best. Always rinse your mouth out and avoid swallowing the mouthwash though (common sense, but figured it should be said just in case).

So now you know that mouthwash is important for your oral health, but then you are probably overwhelmed by the amount of options available. Every mouthwash seems to hype a certain feature that will give you an extra benefit. This leaves you wondering which one works the best overall.

One of the top choices that is recommended by both actual users and doctors is Listerine Total Care. It has a ton of benefits that can be the difference between a perfect visit to the dentist and a cavity. Using it even just once a day in the morning can make you feel much better and healthier overall.


Listerine Total Care not only strengthens teeth and prevents cavities from forming, but it also restores your enamel. Along with helping your teeth out, it also does a great job eliminating bad breathe germs to give you a fresh breath. It’s really just a great way to give your mouth a solid cleaning rinse.


There are other mouthwashes that people have found success with, but few can deliver the type of benefits Listerine Total Care Fresh Mint can. If you are in need of a new mouthwash, or if you just want to start using, this is the option you want to consider. It will be hard to find a better overall mouthwash than this one.

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